Which Child Would You Sacrifice If You Had To Choose? was written by an American mother with two sons and several grandchildren who was overwhelmed with sorrow and empathy for George & Laura Wilkerson and an untold number of families who have lost their precious loved ones to "preventable" illegal alien crimes occurring in America at an extremely alarming rate.

The Lyrics of were very specifically inspired by the heart-wrenching words Mr. George Wilkerson delivered at a Washington DC Press Conference arranged by Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project. George and Laura Wilkerson, residents of Houston, Texas are the grief stricken parents of Joshua Wilkerson, a high school student who was brutally and senselessly beaten, tortured and set on fire by an illegal alien "Dreamer" schoolmate. At that Press Conference, an emotional George Wilkerson challenged all Members of Congress to "Go home, gather up your kids and decide - Which one would YOU sacrifice to make a better life for someone else." The senseless loss of life of an innocent young American boy and the complete devastation of his parent’s lives had a resounding impact on this mother of two sons. She was compelled to pose that same question to the men and women in Washington who swore a solemn oath of office to protect Joshua Wilkerson and the tens of thousands of victims of "preventable" illegal alien crimes that have torn an estimated 50,000+ American families apart - permanently.



This heart wrenching chronical of the "True Victims of Illegal Immigration" and the corrupt system that by design has drawn millions of illegal aliens into our country was produced to be a catalyst for change. It is our hope that viewers come away with a purpose. That purpose being to join in our efforts to stop illegal immigration so no other families suffer the loss of their loved ones because our elected officials refuse to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. TAKE ACTION

For decades now our leaders in Washington have "willfully neglected" securing our borders
and enforcing immigration laws...
Causing the death of thousands of Americans.

Have they no sympathy for American families in pain?


The physical and emotional scars will never heal for
the families of Americans killed by illegal aliens.

The Lyons family...

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Be an Advocate and Voice for Nickki Schermock and the thousands of victims and their families.


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  • Enact Mandatory E-Verify
  • End the magnets that draw Illegal Immigrants such as jobs, public benefits, birthright citizenship, and the hope of legalization (Amnesty)
  • Secure our border by building a wall and providing Border Patrol the manpower and assets needed
  • Vigorously enforce existing immigration laws
  • End Sanctuary City Policy
  • Implement a Bio-Metric entry/exit program
  • Say NO to Amnesty

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
DC Phone: 202-225-4965
DC Fax: 202-225-8259
Email: www.democraticleader.gov/contact-us/
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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
DC Phone: 202-224-6542
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