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You are urged to help the Which Child Post Card Campaign to Congress

The goal of the Which Child Post Card Campaign to Congress is to constantly remind our US Representatives and Senators of the other victims of illegal immigration --- those legal US citizens who are permenantly separated from their families by the very preventable crimes of illegal aliens. Remember that the pro-illegal immigration factions have been very successful as portraying those who have illegally entered our country as the VICTIMS of illegal immigration. Typically the legal victims of illegal immigration get very little sympathy from our elected officials nor help from our governement that allowed the atrocity to occur. That must change and your effort will help expose the real truth about illegal immigration.

Please buy as many cards as you can and then mail them to Congress. Get others to do so too! Give some cards to others!

The cost of each card is a mere 15 cents which only covers our printing and mailing costs to you.

When you order below you will recieve an assortment of the Which Child Post Cards.

Order your Which Child Post Cards now

To order your cards click "Buy Now" below and then enter quantity desired, shipping address and payment information.

If you prefer to mail your Which Child Post Card Campaign order, include a check or money order and your mailing address. The cost is the same, $.15 per card. Make your check out to Floridians for a Sustainable Population.

Mail checks to:
  Floridians for a Sustainable Population
  378 Northlake Blvd. #148
  North Palm Beach, FL. 33408

Addressing your Post Cards

After you receive your post cards you should mail them along your personal message to your US Representatives and Senators whose addresses follow;

House of Representatives Addresses

Finding Representatives Addresses First go to this link to find what building and office number they are located in.

There are three office addresses for House Members. Here's the way to address House post cards;

1. CHOB Cannon House Office Building

Representative (Enter Reps Name)
CHOB 27 Independence Ave SE Office (Enter Reps Office Number)
Washington DC. 20003

2. LHOB: Longworth House Office Building

Representative (Enter Reps Name)
LHOB 9 Independence Ave. SE (Enter Reps Office Number)
Washington DC 20515

3. RHOB: Rayburn House Office Building

Representative (Enter Reps Name)
RHOB: 50 Independence SW (Enter Reps Office Number)
Washington DC. 20024

Senate Addresses

Finding Senators Addresses

Write a short message on the card

Write a short message to your elected official on the left side of the card front. Consider putting a message advocating immigration enforcement so NO MORE legal families will be separated from their loved ones.

Which Child Post Card