Which Child Would You Choose is a victim’s advocacy and public awareness project developed and funded by Floridians for a Sustainable Population. Our mission is to be a supportive voice for families that have lost loved ones because of illegal immigration. Our goal is to help educate the public on the enormity of the problem and help stimulate a national debate on illegal alien crime. It is our hope that viewers come away with a purpose. That purpose being to join in our efforts to stop illegal immigration so no other families suffer the loss of their loved ones because our elected officials refuse to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

Jack Oliver

Jack became an illegal immigration enforcement activist in 2007 because he heard one too many times that illegal aliens were "Just doing jobs Americans wouldn’t do." Illegal labor had absolutely decimated his family’s income. He went from having a good upper middle class income doing drywall work to just barely being able to pay the family’s monthly bills.

Research on the negative fiscal cost of illegal immigration brought to his attention high incarceration rates of illegal aliens and the tragic loss of American lives directly attributed to illegal immigration.

Jack serves as a volunteer with these groups:

Paul Arnold
Founder of Make Them Listen

Paul Arnold has volunteered to head up the social media for Which Child Would You Choose

Paul is a construction worker whose career has been adversely affected by illegal immigration.

After becoming involved as an activist, many family members of victims of illegal alien crime started reaching out to Paul and told him horrific stories about how their loved ones were killed by illegal aliens. Their stories had a major impact on him and continue to motivate his fight against illegal immigration.

In 2013, Paul founded the organization Make Them Listen.

The purpose of Make Them Listen is to aid and encourage people to stand against illegal immigration by taking action. We organize events and protests, advocate for American workers on social media, and encourage people to contact Congress and their local public officials in order to bring attention to the adverse effects of excessive immigration.